A little about us and our policies.

We do not ship. If you would like one of our puppies, we want to meet you. I have driven across states to pick up puppies. Oklahoma to Oregon in one case. We can help and drive part depending on our schedule.

Our dogs are from excellent stock. I had someone ask me if our dogs had problems since my prices are lower than most. I can tell you that I have re-homed a couple dogs as pets that I have had $1000's invested in because they do not meet our standards in temperament or structure.

We are honest with you. Yes, I have seen pricked ears in some crosses that we have had. Dogs with bad bites or overly shy are re-homed. We are diligently correcting what we can but I will not "throw the baby out with the bathwater". The biddable nature, work ethic and intelligence in my Aussies are not something to take lightly. I will continue working with my Aussies to provide breed standard dogs that will work hard for you.

Finally, our prices. The market is flooded and sadly, a large number of poor quality dogs are available with breeding rights. We will still be breeding but carefully. We will no longer be pet pricing and breed pricing our dogs. With my experience, breed standard should be evaluated later when the dog works and has correct structure. The price set is the price they will be. If you would like to breed a dog from our kennel, please provide a vet evaluation or show results stating the dog meets breed standard. Also, we want you to evaluate genetics/hips/elbows/eyes/patellas etc. We like to keep in touch about temperament as well. Once all that is complete, I will lift the limited registration for you at no cost. If you are willing to invest the time and money to make sure your dog is breed standard, the least I can do is lift the restriction. It helps us as much as it helps you to prove our cross.

Thank you to those that have our dogs and I look forward to continuing to provide quality Aussies.

Please ask for references. We have a huge list :)