​Established in 2006, we at Elmo's Aussies have owned and worked a variety of stock dogs throughout our lives. Over 50 years of knowledge have gone into developing our program. With all that experience, the Australian Shepherd has always been our go to dog that fits the working life as well as the family life.

We have sound dogs in mind, body and soul. Dogs that will become that once in a lifetime companion. Structure has always been a priority but structure without temperament will never make a great dog and we believe in producing GREAT dogs.

We breed selectively and with purpose. If you see a litter offered from our dogs, believe that many hours of thought and hard work have gone into deciding on this cross. 

We guarantee our dogs for life. If for any reason, you can no longer keep your commitment, we will be here to transition your dog into a new forever life. Our life guarantee is to the puppies we produce, it is not an agreement to purchase back a commodity. Our dogs will bond to you and for them it will be a life commitment.  

Our Program
We value a hardworking, honest dog. What that means to us is a dog that will learn what is expected of them quickly and thoroughly. We value a dog that will not only learn what we teach but what we expect. Our dogs have that something that can't be taught and we expect our puppies to inherit that "something". Whether you are looking for a companion, agility, working or therapy dog, our puppies will fit the bill. We know the history behind our breeding dogs well enough to say that.