Skyler's demographic profile:

Call Name: Skyler
Registered Name: ABA Walkin The Razor's Edge
Breed: Miniature Australian Shepherd
Sex: Female
Approx. DOB: January, 2018

Owner: Janice Barnes
Registration #: ASDM-OK-1800384
Microchip/Tattoo: -
Kit #: 21147
Report Date: November 09, 2018

Skyler's genetic health profile:

Skyler is a carrier for the following 1 disease:

Multidrug resistance 1 
 Carriers for this mutation may be at-risk. 
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Skyler had a normal result for all other diseases testedWe tested Skyler for over 150 genetic diseases and traits that are commonly found in more than 350 breeds of dog. Although most dogs that are carriers are not at-risk for being affected by disease, carriers for the Multidrug resistance 1 mutation may be at-risk. Please read more about your dog's potential risks by clicking on the disease name above.

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CH - ABA Walkin the Razor's Edge - Skyler

​Black Tri, Brown Eyes, MDR1 carrier, 15 1/2"